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What we do!

Norac Concepts Inc. manufactures and supplies a range of crop protection products to the Canadian agricultural market. Most of our products are made in Canada to meet the needs of Canadian growers.

Our PLedge

Norac Concepts Inc. is comitted to the development and sales of crop protection products that will help Canadian growers protect their crops.


Our Products

Norac Concepts Inc. markets AGRAL 90 and ENHANCEsurfactants in selected markets. AGRAL 90 has the widest use label of any registered agricultural surfactant.

We also market PRO-SURF II and speciality non-ionic surfactants. Norac Concepts also markets XIAMETER OFX-0309.



Norac Concepts specializes in three unique markets including:

  • Adjuvants and Surfactants
  • Spray Assistant
  • Speciality Products

We also market a complete range of Spray Assist Products including Spray Tank Cleaner, Antifoamer/Defoamer, Water Conditioner, pH Adjuster, Spray Marker Dyes, Odour Masking Agent, Foam Marking Agent, Pond & Lake Colourants and Compatibility Agent.

Specialty products include Falgro plant growth regulator for cherries and potatoes, Syllit 400FL fruit fungicide.